The Best of Brussels

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The name Brussels always scared me a little. Before my first visit to the Belgian capital in 1992 I always thought that I would find all sorts of medieval wizardry and witchcraft in every corner of the city, since the name Brussels in Portuguese, or Bruxelas, closely resembles the word bruxa, or witch.



However what I found in the city was something very different. I was a teenager at the time and I was taking my first European trip. I ended up meeting someone special upon arriving in the city and fell completely in love. I spent the most wonderful days getting to know Belgium with my hear beaming with joy. It was all very pure like a fantasy dream out of a movie.



For that reason I also fell in love with the city, which at the time was getting ready to be the center of a new European Union.  It is also for that reason that whenever I have a chance I go back to Brussels.  I live and relive everything once again, never tired of playing the same fantasy dream movie that filled my heart years and years ago.



During my last visit to Europe in July of 2016, I made a point of going back to Brussels. And nothing was different than I expected.  I am still in love with the Grand Place and the cute statue of the Manekin Pis, as well as all of the wonderful chocolates that melt in the mouth and the myriad flavors from hundreds and hundreds of Belgian beers.



I leave you here my sincere and deepest wishes that you, one day, may also fall in love in, or with, Brussels.  Let yourself be seduced by its beauty and you may discover a fascinating city that has the power to enchant and may conquer your heart.


Gus Dantas, publisher gusdantaslife, returned to Brussels in July 2016 in order to relive his eternal love affair with the city.  Translation and photos by the author.


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