The AquaDom at the Radisson Blu Berlim

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Have you ever thought of staying at a hotel that has a private view to the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world? At the Radisson Blu Berlin it is possible. All of its internal rooms open up to the 25 meters tall salt water tank which houses over 2,500 fish immersed in over 900,000 liters of sea water.



Named the AquaDom, the synthetic glass aquarium has an internal panoramic elevator where visitors can observe at close range the marine life that flows inside the tank. Always surrounded by fish of all sizes and shapes scuba divers do a periodic cleaning of the AquaDom’s interior, which adds to the fun of watching what goes on inside the tank.



For those who prefer natural light the Radisson Blu Berlin offers a variety of rooms that open onto a few of the most famous spots in the city.  Above the hotel’s main entrance rooms face Alexanderplatz, the well-know square of the former East Berlin section of the city.  Perhaps even better are the rooms above the restaurant located on a side entrance of the hotel. These rooms face the tranquil waters of the Spree River and have the back of the Berlin Dom show splendorous baroque details a few feet away.



As if unique views of Berlin were not sufficient the Radisson Blu Berlin offers its guests a spacious spa area with a gym, a heated swimming pool and a variety of saunas and water treatments. The breakfast, as is customary in all Radisson Blu hotels is varied and complete offering items such as smoked salmon, fresh fruit smoothies, made to order omelets and a variety of fine cheeses and cold cuts.



Myself, I wouldn’t have been satisfied with having only one view during my stay at the hotel. Therefore I spent a few nights facing the AquaDom and a few nights facing the Berlin Dom. Both “Doms” were fantastic!  And you? Which Dom do you prefer?


Gus Dantas, publisher gusdantaslife, traveled to Berlin in July 2016.

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