Shopping in Prague

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Shopping in Europe can be a fun and worthwhile experience especially when the big annual sales are on such as the beginning of July. Paris, London, Rome and Madrid immediately come to mind for their variety of brands and store options. The beautiful Prague, on the other hand, is mainly thought of as an European capital good for sightseeing and visiting historical monuments. However, Prague can be a great surprise for shopping the old world.



Along with other European capitals, Prague offers great shopping choices. Leaving Charles Bridge in the direction of the old historical center, this is where most of the city’s souvenir shops can be found. Nearby, from Prikope Street to Wenceslas Square, this is where most of the city’s shopping malls and international brands are situated.



One of the big advantages of going out shopping in Prague is that the great majority of stores are located near each other. Therefore there is no need to venture out that far in the city in order to find something interesting. But the best of shopping in Prague, which costs no money at all, is to visit the beautiful stores on Prikope street. Housed in former residential palaces, shopping in this area of Prague is feast to the senses.



The beautiful store interiors are not restricted to luxury brands in Prague. Benetton, Zara, Bershka, Mango, Desigual, Celio and Pull&Bear are a few of the stores with accessible prices with store interiors that are worth a visit.



Gold-leafed staircases, crystal chandeliers and molded ceilings are a few of the details that make going shopping in Prague not only fun, but a truly unforgettable experience.



Gus Dantas, publisher gusdantaslifetraveled to Prague in July 2016 and took advantage of the summer sales to bring home t-shirts for 5 euros, pants for 15 euros and formal button-down shirts for 19 euros.

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