Radisson RED: A New Hotel Concept Arrives in Brussels

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After having established itself in the luxury hotel market with the well-know Radisson Blu brand, the Carlson Rezidor group gives life, in 2016, to its new concept: the Radisson Red. Described as a new philosophy in hotel stay, where lifestyle is the predominant theme, the new Radisson Red Brussels arrives on the hotel scene to inspire people connected to art, music and fashion. Planning to open 60 properties around the world such as Bogota, Dubai, Cape Town and Campinas, Brussels is the first city to welcome the Radisson Red concept.


Upon arrival at the Radisson Red Brussels, images from local artists on the wall welcome visitors and guests throughout the unconventional lobby.  Everything is geared to the new generation of millennials, or the Y and Z tech-savvy generations who are now in between their 20s and 40s. It is the famous Google generation that was born clicking its way through life.



So it is through clicks that one might do just about anything at the Radisson Red Brussels. Face a line to check in? At the Radisson Red that is surely a thing of the past. Via email a link is sent to guests before their arrival directing them to the Radisson Red app. After a few questions about room preferences and the insertion of credit card details check in is done. Upon arrival guests are greeted by the cheerful floor staff, and after documents are verified, room keys are in hand. Everything is simple, fast and easy.



My room was exactly as I had requested: located on a high floor and quiet.  As a matter of fact there was absolute silence from both the hallway and the exterior courtyard. The solid doors guaranteed peace a quiet from other guests day and night, while the double glazed windows offered total silence from the outdside world.



My room, 717, was immense. This was a junior suite with two living areas perfect for lounging and working. There were also two giant screen TVs, a wonderfully comfortable bed, and a bright and large bathroom with high end amenities and a superb rain style shower. I especially loved the amenity kit left on the bed upon my arrival in the room: a surprise box with thoughtful gifts such as a travel sized hand moisturizer and a pair of black slippers, which I brought home and continue to use day after day. Another great touch in the room is to be able to connect the TVs via Bluetooth to any personal device. Seeing facebook and Instagram on giant screens is always a novelty.



Contrary to what I had expected, the gym did not disappoint. Located on the basement level, it is compact but has all the necessary equipment for a complete workout. In the locker area another surprise: a dry sauna that is turned on demand for the cold days in Brussels. It is worth mentioning that all the energy spent at the gym is converted to energy for the building, which stimulated me to work out even harder knowing that I was contributing to an energy efficient building. This is what I call maintaining a great fitness lifestyle while being away from home!



With common areas that encourage interaction with locals and other guests, such as the busy pool table at happy hour and DJs at certain times of the week, the Radisson Red Brussels does not inhibit selfies, but actually encourages them. Selfies throughout the hotel with postings on Instagram allows guests to enter a contest that will draw a luck winner to visit the fist American Radisson Red in Minneapolis. That is certainly another hotel for a wish list during my next trip to the US.



Gus Dantas, publisher gusdantaslife, traveled on his own account to Brussels in order to revisit the city that has been one of his favorite destinations since his first Eurotrip when he was 18 years old. He has been a fan of Radisson Hotels around the world, having stayed at Radisson Blu properties in cities such as Chicago, Rome, Stockholm, Sao Paulo, Istambul, Bucharest and Cologne. He is now a fan of Radisson Red.

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