Paris Fashion Week 2016 and their Young New Designers

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During Paris Fashion Week not only the well-known names in the business such as Dior and Chanel showcase their collections around the city. Young new designers also have a dedicated space in which they present their creations and bring their fresh ideas to the mix.




From September 29 to October 5 2016 the collections made by young designers that promise to shake the fashion world with their creativity and fresh set of eyes are being shown at the Atelier Richilieu (Paris 2e) in the event named “Designers Apartment“.




Invited by the Parisian consulting firm M C Consulting Sas, I had the opportunity to check out, during the opening night of the event reserved for the press, the Spring-Summer 2017 collections by the hot new names in the Paris fashion scene. At the Atelier Richilieu, I had a chance to talk to a few of the designers and their sponsors about clothing, their places of origin and the ways in which they work.




There were fifteen young designers from around the world exhibiting their work in the Designers Apartment: A. Guery, Mazarine Paris, MiniMe Paris, AVOC, Carolina Ritzler, Quetsche, Quoi Alexander, Coralie Marabelle, Frater, Side Project, Slash Brand, Kenta Matsushige, Neith Neyer, Victoria/Tomas and Wilfried Lantoine.




Well-crafted and carefully assembled pieces filled with fresh ideas behind them were spread throughout both floors of the Atelier in their own individual designer sections. The glass ceiling around most of the building allows for an abundance of natural light, which enhances the craftsmanship behind all of their work.




In Particular, the 28 year-old Japanese designer Kenta Matsushige grabs the eye with well-structured and beautifully assembled pieces. Showcasing an almost architectural style to clothing, Matsushige’s pieces at the show reminded me of the politeness of the Japanese people and the clean minimalistic style that Japan is known for around the world.




Using classic and timeless colors, precise tailoring, and slight assimetrical lines, Matsushige uses Japanese fabrics to enhance his provenance in his creations. His refined style punctuates his designs and in the near future I would not be surprised to find his name along side some of the big names in the industry in fashion weeks around the world.



Gus Dantas, publisher gusdantaslife, visited the Designers Apartment in September 2016 during the Paris fashion week Spring-Summer collection 2017.



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