Buddha Bar Budapest Klotild Palace

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Spread over 25 countries, the Buddha bar concept of contemporary Asian inspired restaurants and luxury hotels are an intimate and sophisticated presence in cities such as Paris, Prague and Budapest.



In the Hungarian capital, the luxury hotel and restaurante complex occupies the turn of the 20th century Palace Klotild, located in the heart of downtown and a block from the Danube. The Palace was the residence of the archduchess Klotild in the early 1900s and although heavily damaged during the war, it was rebuild to house a post office during the communist years. In 2012, after another wave of restauration and refurbishment the building was inaugurated as the Buddha Bar and Hotel Palace Klotild.



The luxury hotel has over 100 rooms with several lounges and a spa, but it is the Asian fusion restaurant that shines as the city’s hotspot for all day dining and social nightlife. From lunch until late hours, the giant Buddha guarantees a zen atmosphere to guests along with the soothing sounds of lounge music and mellow deep house electronica soundtracks.



The menu is varied and always infused with Asian flavors. From sushi to miso, curry to tandoori, lemon-grass to teriyaki, there is a multitude of far East tastes and smells. For those who want to experience a trip through these Asian territories there is a choice of three price fixed menus with small portions that are a feast to the senses.



The bento curry dinner, at 6.100 Forints, combined samosas with chili chutney, cowley flower with masala sauce, and chicken tandoori over white rice. Truly an explosion of flavors going from the more delicate samosas to the spicy tandoori, as Marcell carefully explained during my dinner at the restaurant.



Marcell, a young Hungarian who has worked throughout Europe and the USA, explained in perfect English everything about the restaurant, the preparation of the dishes and the Hungarian rosé Vida Borbirtok I picked to accompany my meal.




For dessert I was surprised with a selection of sweet treats from the chef.  In beautifully displayed mini portions I had a basil creme-brulée, berry cheesecake and sorbet, and a patisserie with white chocolate ganache. It was beautiful and in perfect harmony with the dessert wine Marcell had me try.  Made with Botrytis cinerea grapes, the Disznoko was a nice touch to end the gastronomic experience. My final note? I will leave that to my final photo.




Gus Dantas, publisher gusdantaslife, traveled to Budapest in July 2016 and tried the Buddha Bar Palace Klotild restaurant for dinner on his own account during his first night in the city.

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